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Book Your Puja

I am happy that you are here to book a puja with me. I am here to help you with any puja or ritual you want to perform. May it be a Grihapraveshapuja, a Satyanarayanakatha, a Rudhrabhisheka or a Grahashanti, a marriage or a birthday celebration, how ever you want to be blessed on whichever occasion, I am here to help you with everything you need.  I have been performing rituals for people from all backgrounds. East, west, north, south - it doesn't matter which part of India you are from, because of my experience and expertise, I am able to perform rituals for every body. Once you decide to engage me for your ritual, I will guide you through the next steps till the day of event. I am always a message or call away.

What happens next?

If you need help gathering ingredients for the puja, that option is also available. Some people like to collect ingredients for the Puja on their own. Fresh items like flowers and leaves has to be bought within one or two days of the puja. Other dry stuff, you can buy any day, it doesn't matter.  On the puja day, you get ready with a bath and clean clothes. Clean the puja place sprinkling the place with Ganga-water and gather all the puja articles there. I will arrange the set up for puja when I arrive according to the need of the puja. I will Chant the mantras and help you perform the actions that you need to do on your part to earn the blessings from the deity of Worship.

Your Home Needs Blessings

I have all the necessary utensils for a puja and Hawan-Kund to do a Hawan. No need to worry about the arrangement of a set up. Your house is the ideal place to perform any puja and that is where it should all happen. Temple is not a substitute place for your rituals, Pujas and Hawans to happen. Your place of dwelling needs that flow of all blessings so that it gathers all the positivity you need to conduct your life in that home.​ 

Grihapravesha Puja

House Warming 

Are you ready to bring good luck and prosperity into your new home? Look no further than Griha Pravesh Puja, a traditional Hindu ceremony that will infuse your space with positive energy. Our team is here to guide you through the various rituals and offerings to the gods and goddesses, ensuring a successful and auspicious ceremony. Contact us today to start your journey towards a happy home!

Call to learn more about the auspicious day, time, procedure and the expenses involved to perform a best Grihapraveshpuja and be blessed with the right spiritual merits.




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